The Nutshell

  • Purchase a plan

    All plans come with the same level of service (excluding the E-Plans), so start small and work your way up.

  • Schedule Onboarding Call

    After your purchase, you will be directed to schedule an onboarding call where we will discuss your goals and needs.

  • Basecamp Invite

    You will get a Basecamp invite via email. Basecamp is a project management software we use to keep everyone on the same page and helps us keep the team accountable and on task.

  • Onboarding Call

    During the onboarding call, you will talk with your dedicated project manager and discuss your needs. Based on those needs, we will assign a virtual team member to assist you. During this call, we will set up your preferred mode of communication.

  • Start work

    Once we have your virtual team ready, which usually takes about one day, you can get started assigning your real estate tasks.

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