The Nutshell

  • We Pull The Leads

    We will pull the leads of motivated sellers from our lead source or we can use yours.

  • We Datamine

    We datamine those leads for the missing information

  • We Call The Lead

    We call the lead and assess their willingness to sell.

  • YOU Negotiate The Deal

    If they are interested in selling we hand them off to you and you call and negotiate the deal.

  • We Do The Transactional Paperwork

    Once the deal is set we take back over and handle all the transactional paperwork and set up the closing.


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During this process, we also put together a list of cash buyers in your area and start marketing the property to them to be sold at wholesale. (If you want to hold the property we won't do this step)


Okay, let's say this all sounds great, but you struggle at the one thing you need to do in this process, the sales, we also have an in-house sales team who can help you negotiate the deal. If that wasn't enough, if you don't have the cash to close on the property, you can use our cash.

Curious What A Team Of Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistants Will Cost?

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*Not For Everyone

Our systems and processes aren’t for everyone, we create a lot of opportunities and you need to be in a position to handle them. You can get very overwhelmed if you aren’t committed and ready to work. Call us to see if you are a good fit to work with us.