Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

More often than not, a Real Estate Agent needs help but is reluctant to get started because they don’t know how to hire a capable assistant. Here at BRESS, we have already trained our Real Estate Virtual Assistants. You don’t have to spend your time preparing them as they are already experienced in their field.

For a real estate business, it is vital to have someone reliable to handle clerical work, manage clients, and organize schedules. Just like any actual, physical assistant, a virtual assistant can do just about anything they do. Probably even more, including the tasks below.

In the long run, hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Agents is an excellent investment considering the number of different tasks that they can perform and complete at a very inexpensive labor cost. Our VA’s can follow the systematic workflow and even recommend new and effective strategies based on their experience.


Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Bookkeeping is one of those significant tasks that is entirely done on a computer. Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant will keep track of your expenses, bills, reimbursements, and payroll and make sure that everything is organized in a coherent system. There’s simply no need for your bookkeeper to be on site. You’ll be able to continually check on your company’s financial health instead of hoping for the best each quarter.

Graphics & Marketing Materials

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant will help in designing visually enticing images and graphics for flyers, brochures, leaflets, and ads. Time is another primary consideration. So maybe you do know design principles, own professional design software, and know how to use it. 

Having an in-house creative department is no longer a requirement to make your real estate business look remarkable. A real estate virtual assistant can also do graphics ideas for less.

Is this the best use of your time? It takes a lot to put together a compelling design. If you’re running a business, it is probably the more practical choice to outsource a real estate virtual assistant with graphic design skills.

Website & Social Media Management/Update

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

An active social media presence is an essential component of the growth, sustainability, and success of your business. Real estate business requires a tremendous amount of exposure in the digital world. Real estate virtual assistants will help you gain more audiences and followers so your brand would increase awareness. 

Online presence is the virtual face of your business and is the first impression to anyone who finds you online. Real estate virtual assistants will be able to upload posts in bulk and schedule them to publish at specific times during the week.

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