Real estate wholesaling is the process of an individual acquiring a contract from a property seller and assigning that contract to a subsequent buyer. Wholesaling real estate is a great way to get started in the real estate investment industry. It is also a great short-term investment strategy. But today, no real estate business or professional should be without a virtual assistant wholesaling.

Real estate virtual assistants are essential for any business, whether you’re a solo investor, real estate agent, a small startup, or even an established company. Here is a list of some best practices on how to wholesaling using a virtual assistant:

Researching Your Leads 

The process of searching for every single lead to understanding their needs before approaching them with your business requires time.

Researching your leads is the first task where a Real-estate Virtual Assistant can prove helpful in this regard. They spend hours researching and organizing the results and data for you so that you’ll be able to answer almost any common question from hunters. They help you prepare for the job by doing research and creating relevant profiles. The information you get from your Virtual Assistant about your leads is often vital to the success of your business.

Coordinating Property Showings

It can be overwhelming to make last-minute changes and cancellations to showings. You will have to invest a lot of energy to find a convenient time for everyone – buyers, sellers, and agents. Your virtual assistant can manage your calendar professionally and prepare all the necessary documents for successful property showings.

Preparing Meeting Materials

It involves making presentations, handouts, or videos about what people need to know before buying a particular house. Your virtual assistant also prepares a list of questions and other important points about the property to prepare at your meetings and not forget anything important. Your virtual assistant can handle all these and other tasks.

Customer Feedback Tasks

Building long-term relationships with your clients require you to stay in touch after the deal is closed. Your virtual assistant can help you keep in touch with your clients by creating feedback forms and collecting data, as well as asking for new referrals. If necessary, provide them with scripts to ensure they can get honest feedback from buyers’ agents. You can also enhance the effectiveness of your marketing campaign a lot by follow-ups, and gathering and analyzing feedback through your VA’s assistance.

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