Top 3 Things to Outsource To Your REI Virtual Assistant

Top 3 Things to Outsource To Your REI Virtual Assistant

A real estate investor needs to have someone reliable to handle clerical tasks, organize schedules, and manage clients. An REI Virtual assistant is similar to any actual physical assistant.

A real estate investor virtual assistant (REI) is specifically trained for REI who helps you with all the administrative tasks. This includes data entry, online marketing, paperwork, market research, phone calls, website maintenance and management, and pulling comps. They work from their space on the tasks you assign to them. 

Your REI virtual assistant can help you with almost anything that can be done online or via phone. Nowadays, REI virtual assistants provide more than just secretarial and administrative services. They offer various services such as scheduling, legal research, logistics, social media, bookkeeping, web development and programming, and much more. But here are the top 3 tasks you should consider to outsource to your REI virtual assistant:

1. Cold Calling

Although cold calling can be considered an old-fashioned marketing strategy, it is still one of the best ways to generate real estate leads. It can be an ideal task to outsource to a Real Estate Investor Virtual Assistant and free up a lot of time. Ensure your cold-calling virtual assistant has a neutral accent, some call center experience, and an outgoing personality to be a good fit for this work.

Cold calling is a boring and time-consuming task. However, it remains a good way of attracting prospective clients to the property market. This is a great way for real estate investors to find more deals and eventually close more deals. You need to provide a list of numbers to call for your REI virtual assistant with a client list and have this task removed from your plate.

2. Comps 

COMPS or commonly known as a comparable market analysis (CMA), is a crucial aspect of a wholesaler’s job/responsibility. It has to be performed for every deal before making an offer. So it has to be done properly, and what’s better than delegating it to your REI virtual assistant.

Pulling comps is a time-consuming yet critical task to handle since it involves the price value of the property to sell or buy. But you can easily delegate this to your REI virtual assistant. Though you might need to train your REI VA to ensure they adhere to your processes and systems.

It takes a fair amount of time to pull comps correctly to ensure that your SOLD properties represent a fair comparison to the home you are evaluating. If you train them well, this will be an easy task for them to handle. It will save you the time to do other essential tasks in your business.

3. Data Mining

A thorough approach of your REI VA provided to data mining is vital to your success. REI virtual assistants can help you with the data mining process in finding potential tenants or investors for your commercial properties.

An expert data mining virtual assistant can resolve most of your issues affecting your productivity and revenue. Outsourcing the data mining process to REI virtual assistant helps to streamline your performance and catch up in areas where you lag. Your REI Virtual Assistant offers you services that include Competitor Data Mining, Research Data Mining, Data Mining via Surveys, and Data Mining from User Behavior. 

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