What Makes a Great Keller Williams Real Estate Assistant?

One of the best investments a Keller Williams real estate agent can make is getting a real estate assistant to help free up their time so they can attend more client meets and have more personal time. However, what exactly is a Keller Williams real estate assistant, and how can it help your business? Real Estate Assistants are sometimes called a Realty Manager or Client Services Coordinator, but keep in mind that they are not simple office secretaries. Let’s start by listing some of the most common tasks a Keller Williams real estate assistant can handle for you:

1. Implement routine tasks like posting property listings, filing documents, greeting clients, and assisting with property closings.

2. Free up your time to do other work or to attend to personal/family matters

3. Manage your print and social media marketing

4. Handle incoming and outgoing office calls

Once you have appropriately identified why you need a real estate assistant, you also have to figure out what types of tasks you are willing to relinquish to your Keller Williams real estate assistant. Some people have a hard time letting go, but to successfully integrate your Keller Williams real estate assistant into your business, you have to create an open line of communication and a sense of accountability with your assistant. The following checklist contains questions to ask yourself to determine how ready you are to hire a Keller Williams real estate assistant:

1. How much time are you willing to sacrifice for training your new assistant? Do you have at least an hour a day?

2. Are you ready and comfortable to let someone else do these daily tasks?

3. Do you have a checklist/guide available for organizing your processes and how you like things done?

4. Is your regular schedule somewhat organized, and can your assistant call you to discover wherever you are just in case they have questions?

5. Have you ever spoken to other people you trust professionally regarding hiring a Keller Williams real estate assistant?

6. Do you have a means for consistent lead generation in situ and good deal flow?

After deciding on what you plan to delegate to your real estate assistant, now comes the time to pick the actual Keller Williams real estate assistant. With so many choices of real estate assistance available in the current workforce market, why should you choose a Keller Williams Real Estate Assistant? Keller Williams Realty, Inc. is the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count and has been named a top training organization in all industries worldwide by Training Magazine for four years running. Below are some additional points to ponder:

The Pros of hiring a Keller Williams Real Estate Assistant    

1. Assistant allows the agent to focus on lead generation by having the business knowledge, experience, and the ability to do other tasks – assistant knows how to prioritize income generating tasks first before beginning routine paperwork to ensure profit for the agent.    

2. Assistant has made a career decision to be in real estate – Keller Williams is a company that is agent-centric, education-based, and has a technology-driven culture that rewards associates as stakeholders. Assistants with Keller Williams made a choice to go into real estate, so their dedication to the job is assured.

3. Assistant will help with creating effective systems; this process can be complicated and time-consuming. Most agents become frustrated, ultimately shortcutting the whole process. That’s where the administrative help comes in. Most successful real estate agents hire a real estate assistant before their systems and tools are ready. When you hire an assistant, you are stepping up to the next level of your real estate business.

4. Assistant can help in other simple office tasks such as:

– Help create and solidify your systems

– Create and manage your budget

– Define and implement office tools

After reading through this post, you should be able to identify what you need and make a plan on how to go about it. You can start by asking your inner circle for referrals, or move directly online searches. Most channels for Keller Williams real estate assistant hunting start with Google searches.

There are times when we feel that 24 hours is not enough for all that we need to do. Take that as a sign that your real estate business needs help so hire a Keller Williams real estate assistant and take your business to the next level. As per Keller Williams, you can do this by following the path of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent Book by Gary Keller, and mastering the principles of Keller Williams Realty’s real estate team building course, Recruit Select: Train, Lead & Motivate (RSTLM). The Keller Williams associates can continue to develop your real estate businesses through attracting and nurturing quality talent.

Did our post about hiring a Keller Williams Real Estate Assistant help you? Do you have any other questions that we may have missed? Contact us about hiring a Keller Williams Real Estate Assistant.